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All Parents/Guardians must fill out a camp waiver form and hand it in on the first day of camp

The World Cup Camp  

Players born  2015 > 2007 

Great for any soccer enthusiast who is looking to improve their skills, work hard and have fun! Offering fantastic, professional, safe and FUN learning environment for soccer players to create a life-changing camp experience. Each day players will participate in a variety of soccer challenges and exciting activities designed to enhance their technical and tactical skill development. Players are split into World Cup teams for the week and will compete in a tournament style game format hoping to lift the World Cup trophy for their country on the final day of camp!  

Mini World Cup Camp 

Players born 2016 >2014

Shooting Camp
Players born 2012 > High School
Players take more shots on goal here than at any other camp, Working on the fundamentals of shooting.
We start by teaching and/or ensuring players have the proper form/technique and build up to working on every area where scoring chances occur and cover all types of shooting/finishing situations. Our repetitive shooting exercises allow players to build muscle memory so scoring goals becomes 2nd nature. Using the laces, instep, outside of the foot, volleys and learning the correct technique on how to shoot the ball comfortably and accurately. 
Players will learn specific movements in and around the box specifically to help forwards make runs off the ball to create scoring opportunities
The training methods and drills we use have benefited players at all levels, from young players just learning from the beginning to players with College or professional aspirations perfecting the art of scoring goals.

  • Ensuring proper technique of right & left foot shot

  • 1st time & 2 touch shots from distance

  • Receiving w/back to goal, turning & finishing

  • 1v1 technique’s to goal

  • Side volleys & half volleys

  • Headers w/near & far post runs

  • Curving Shots, chipping balls

  • Breakaways, 1v1 with keeper

  • 1 v 1’s, 2 v 1’s, 2 v 2’s, 3 v 3’s, small sided games

The concept of the camp is to get the players to take as many technically correct shots on goal w/both feet and from all areas on the field at as fast a pace that is possible for that particular player so when a players get scoring chances in games they can calmly convert those chances.

Elite Training Camp 

Players born 2012  > High School



The Elite training camp will focus on the technical and tactical aspects of the game through training exercises, small-sided games and 11v11 matches. 

Players will working on: 

  • Turning 

  • Shielding the ball 

  • Dribbling at speed

  •  Passing with both feet, short and long passes.

  • Receiving the ball with different parts of the body

  • Crossing and finishing

  • Heading

Pla yers will incorporate individual drill work into small sided games to expand skill in combination play, movement, tackling and shooting. 

Scrimmages will grow from 3 v 3 to 7 v 7 to apply learned tactics and techniques. Speed of play to think and play quicker, build up play with specific positioning and placement on the field.

Soccer Camps take place at:

Waveland Park 

600 S Waveland Rd

Lake Forest